TW Weight Loss Challenge 2021

By March 4, 2021May 4th, 2021No Comments

To overcome the overweight and obesity issue among staff, TRANSWATER Sports and Recreation Club (TSRC) is organizing TW Weight Loss Challenge. The duration of the challenge is from March 2021 to June 2021.

The objective of the challenge is to promote a healthy lifestyle among TRANSWATERIAN during pandemic  Covid-19, to reduce weight, and enhance fitness among participants.

The challenge has attracted 14 groups consist of 3 members with BMI of 25 and above. To boost the weight loss process, the participant are guided by fitness trainer. Among the activities during 3 months period are physical activity such as fitness class, pilate, physical activity tracking as well as meal plan advise.

A cash prize and sponsored prizes from Starbucks, Berjaya Hotel and Adabi awaits the participant who manages to lose the most weight.