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TRANSWATER’S Legacy: What is was like to work without today’s technology.

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TRANSWATER’s Legacy: What It Was Like to Work without Today’s Technology

Today’s modern conveniences are easy to take for granted, but it is important to look back on just how far we’ve come. Have you ever wondered how the senior TRANSWATERIAN identified the part number for the valve before the existing of the Emerson’s Fisher First (FF1/FF2) system?

As you might already know, an assembly of 1 unit of valve requires numerous ‘child part’ or breakdown of parts. That means, our staff need to deal with thousands of part number of references on daily basis.

These part number references were stored in ‘Microfiche’ which is a card made of transparent film used to store printed information in miniaturized form. To retrieve the info, our staff placed it under the lens of a microfiche reader machine, to magnify it.

Due to the absent of the internet, our staff rely on a bulky compilation of product’s manual or bulletin to get the information on specific products and parts.

The use of Micro Fiche and printed manual and bulletin in TRANSWATER were ceased in 2010 due to the existing of system and soft copy of the materials.