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TRANSLIGHT engineers its products with quality and durability as a top priority. Careful design and consideration goes into designing the appropriate thermal management system to more than adequately handle the heat that is generated at the LEDs and LED driver electronic components to prevent damage and premature failure.

Swordfish Series
(Replace EX Fluorescent Type)
  • Come with various type 18W, 36W,48W, 56W,72W and Emergency Type.
  • Energy saving, reduce the number of luminaries you need.
Golden Frog series : 30/60W Round Shape Type
(Replace 60/100/15W EX Well Glass Type)
  • Explosion proof aluminium alloy enclosure, high anti-impact performance.
  • Can endure 20J impact.
Frog Series : 150W Round Shape Type
(Replace 400W EX Flood Light)
  • Anti glare, reduces glare in applications where the user may have direct visual contact with the light source.
  • Energy saving. Reduce the number of luminaires needed, providing excellent luminaries efficiency more light where you need it.
  • Shock and vibration resistant tempered glass, reduces the risk of premature failure.
Alcidae Series – Explosion Proof Portable LED TorchLight
  • High-strength aluminum alloy housing is smoothly sculpted for a comfortable and secure grip.
  • Hard anodized according to military standard for extreme resistance to abrasion and corrosion, IP68.
Forest Frog Series
  • Power supply compartment is isolated from the LED source compartment, for better heat dissipation.
Polarbear Series
(Replace 400W EX Flood Light Zone 2)
  • Robust construction suitable corrosive applications.
  • 80W, 120W, 160W, 200W 240W available. Optional luminous intensity distribution for different applications.
Venus Series (Street Light)
  • High efficacy lumen output and high CRI.
  • Glass masks, arc glass for Secondary light Distribution, last glass is a light-type will not cause light pollution.
  • Surge protection device(SPD) up to 20KVA.
Explosion Proof Portable Forest Frog Series
  • Carrying handle design, portable and convenient.
  • Adjustable lamp head can easily adjust illumination area.
Saturn Series
  • Suitable for petroleum, petrochemical, refineries, tunnels, power station, rail way industries, etc.
  • Soldering steel, robust and durable.
Jellyfish Series
  • 80W, 100W, 120W and 150W available. Optional luminous intensity distribution for different applications.
  • Surge protection : 10KV
Protective Relays
  • Features High-speed, secure, and dependable fault detection; accurate fault location; and comprehensive automation and control functions.
  • SEL relays have the highest mean time between failures (MTBF) in the market.
Real-Time Automation Controllers (RTACs)
  • Powerful data management solutions, precise, deterministic control for utility and industrial applications.
  • Integrated cybersecurity features facilitate secure, mission-critical monitoring and control, while assuring regulatory compliance.
Power Quality & Revenue Meter
  • Advanced metering solutions from SEL provide tailored metering data for real-time.
Portable Relay Test Set
  • A built-in Timer displays contact time in both cycles and milliseconds
  • AC current source with 3 outputs (10A, 40A, 100A)
  • Set of NO/NC dry contacts that change state when a test is initiated
  • AC voltage source for testing relays up to 250 Vac
  • DC Voltage source (0 – 300 Vdc)
  • Volt meter input (0 – 600 V input range)
  • Three power supplies (24 Vdc, 48 Vdc, 124 Vdc)
  • Built-in power resistors
doblePRIME – Condition Monitoring Platform for Transformers
  • Measures, collects and analyzes data for on-line condition assessment
  • Aggregates and analyzes data from monitoring devices, sensors and operational data sources
  • View data in a comprehensive dashboard
  • Build and scale your doblePRIME platform as budget and necessity requires – whether it is one device or an integrated platform
  • Easily integrates into an asset risk management system, such as dobleARMS™
M4100 – High Voltage Tester/Insulation Testing
  • Power Factor/Tan Delta testing to confirm insulation integrity and quality
  • Capacitance testing to measure physical changes that may have occurred to the apparatus
  • Turns ratio testing to detect shorted turns or winding damage
  • Leakage reactance/short circuit impedance testing to evaluate winding deformation
  • Single phase excitation current testing to evaluate the transformer magnetizing circuit
  • Capacitor bank testing to detect deteriorating or failed capacitors within a bank
  • Easy and accurate testing with Doble Test Assistant (DTA) software
FR-F800 VFD Series

The FR-F800 is a pump and fan control VFD optimized for maximum energy saving. Equally at home in an industrial environment or as part of an integrated HVAC system, FR‑F800 can also be used as a cost-effective drive for controlling other types of lighter duty constant torque loads.


  • Energy saving
  • Functions Ideal For Fans And Pumps
  • Security & Safety
  • Compatibility With The Environment
  • Easy Setup & Easy To Use
FR-A800 VFD Series

The FR-A800 Series delivers multi-use performance, accuracy and system flexibility in an ultra-reliable hardware design. Loaded with unmatched functionality including network connectivity and machine safety this platform can easily adapt to standalone or larger coordinated systems designs.


  • The enhance Real sensorless vector control and vector control serve the needs of all machinery types
  • Rapid response is obtained when an unexpected trouble occurs
  • Fully equipped with variety of simple functions and equipment to improve work efficiency
  • Save energy while increasing factory production
  • Numerous functions and the extensive lineup of models are ready to support various systems
  • We provide solution for Ex Inspection & Rectification services with our own Certified Inspectors and Installers.
  • Our Capability to ensure Ex Equipment in Hazardous Area are inspected to IEC60079 by using our proprietary InspEx 1.0 Software with Ex Tablet.
  • With no more spreadsheet and manal data entry, all documents are available on table with 100 over of checklists and the most crucial thing is elimination of paperwork that saves 40% on manhours of the time for manual documentation.
  • Digitalization inspection would increase efficiency and improve safety with full audit trail by user to all process of inspection especially on critical Non-compliance equipment which requires an immediate rectification.
Solar PV Panel – Hanwha QCells & JA Solar

Provide Detail Design and Engineering for Solar Power System solution for On-Grid and Off-Grid System.

Solar Inverter – Sungrow & Huawei

Provide Detail Design and Engineering for Solar Power System solution for On-Grid and Off-Grid System