The joint research project between TRANSWATER and Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP) aims to develop a catalytic process for upgrading light and heavy naphtha into gasoline and aromatics.

• Lower investment cost
• Upgrading both light and heavy naphtha in a single process unit compared to current practice of upgrading heavy naphtha by reforming and light naphtha by isomerization.

UTP develops proprietary catalysts, TRANSWATER funds and operates the pilot plant research unit, resulting in the development of a novel process technology under the guidance of UTP’s Process Research Leaders.

On-going research and development into new test units will have larger capacity and capability of running with adiabatic and isothermal function. These functions are necessary to emulate real-life conditions for the development of a demo plant and the Global Licensing process package. Furthermore, the adiabatic function allows for the development of reforming Aromatics for Petrochemicals.