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Environmental Solutions

Environmental Department in TRANSWATER focuses on the environmental services & engineering solutions to our client. Not only that we adopt and follow Department of Environmental (DOE) Malaysia guideline and regulation, we are also specialist in:

Gas Analysis
  • Chemiluminescence
  • Pulse Flourescence
  • Gas or Optical Filter Correlation
Particulate Analysis
  • Tapered Element Oscillating Microbalance ( TEOM )
  • Partisol Manual Sampler
  • Beta Attenuation
Toxic Vapor
  • Toxic Vapor Analyzer (TVA2020)

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  • Local EPA Agency
  • Environmental Consultation Company
  • Coal-Fired Power Plant
  • Gas Turbine Power Plant
  • Petrochemical
  • Petroleum & Refineries
  • This programmed is designed to identify leaking equipment so that emissions can be reduced through repair. 
  • A component which is subjected to LDAR requirement must be monitored at specified, regular intervals to determine whether or not it is leaking. 
  • Any leaking component must then be repaired or replaced within a specified time frame. 


Portable Emissions Analyzers

E-Instrument manufacturers and market a complete range of innovative instrumentation solutions encompassing Combustion Gas Analyzers, Indoor Air Quality, Calibrators and Test & Measurement equipment. Design especially for the power, process, industrial, institutional, food, and HVAC industries.

  • Combustion Gas Analyzers, Indoor Air Quality, Calibrators and Test 
  • Measurement equipment especially design for the power, process, industrial, institutional, food, and HVAC markets. 
  • Gas Analyzers to monitor the combustion efficiency of HVAC boilers and the emissions from large industrial boilers and furnaces.
  • Measurements include O2, CO2, CO, NO, NO2, SO2, CxHy, H2S, Temperature, Draft, Velocity, and Efficiency.
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THERMOFISHER SCIENTIFIC is the world leader in serving science of analytical instruments, equipment, reagents and consumables, software and service for research, analysis, discovery and speciality diagnostics.

Industrial Hygiene Instruments: 

  • Fixed Particulate Detection
  • Portable Gas Detection
  • Portable Particulate Detection

Air Quality Monitoring Instruments: 

  • Ambient Gas
  • Particulate
  • Source Gas
  • Probes
  • Monitoring System

Gas Analyzer

Manual Sampler

Particulate & Aerosol