TRANSWATER Mount Kinabalu Expedition

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TRANSWATER hikers embarked on an adventure of a Kinabalu Expedition from 8 to 11 March 2023. Organized by TSRC, the journey to conquer Southeast Asia’s highest peak promised a challenging and awe-inspiring experience. The Kinabalu expedition was a trailblazer for the TRANSWATER hikers, proving that with determination, teamwork, and a thirst for adventure, anything is achievable. The participants shared with us their inspiring stories on their incredible journey.

Eddie Tai – TECS (First in the team to reach the peak): To prepare for Mt. Kinabalu, I follow a rigorous training which includes running at least twice a week, follow the training plan provided by TSRC, and focusing on endurance training to push my physical and mental limits.

Wan Joe – NGT: I am an avid hiker since 2016. After undergoing a head surgery in 2022, I joined TSRC’s hiking expedition to regain my physical strength. The climb up Mount Kinabalu proved that I am fit and ready for new challenges.

Azian Yeop – Marcom: Despite being a busy mom and driving more than 120km back and forth to work, I make time to train in the afternoons and on weekends. The climb was a mental battle, but I overcame it through determination.

Danny Chin PPS – NGT: I was thrilled when TSRC announced the Mount Kinabalu expedition, as I had planned to climb it in 2020 before COVID-19 disrupted those plans. While I missed the sunrise, the feeling of reaching the summit was indescribable, and I plan to return and catch the sunrise next time.