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AWQMS Project Training

By December 9, 2021January 31st, 2022No Comments

As part of the Automated Water Quality Monitoring System (AWQMS) Upgrading Project’s requirement, TRANSWATER has organized a 3 days training from 29 Nov to 1 Dec 2021 at Kerteh Integrated Petrochemical Complex (KIPC) Hall.  More than 50 participants from OPU PCLA, IPASB1,PCOGD and GPUK attended the session.

The training session covered the introduction on AWQMS including the design and the parameters to be monitored for all stations. TRANSWATER’s experts and skilled representatives led the training and discussion on the operational and principle of all instruments, as well as QAQC procedure, data handling, and data management.

For info, TRANSWATER has successfully installed 11 AWQMS stations at different OPUs as agreed in the contract. The project covers Scope 1 and Scope 2 whereby the Scope 1 involves supply, deliver, install and commissioning meanwhile Scope 2 covers a 1 year of Operation and Maintenance including Fish Kill Investigation.