Onshore Slug Catcher (OSC)

  • Client: Petronas Technical Ventures Sdn Bhd (PTVSB)
  • Completed:

The scope of work involves design, engineering procurement, manufacturing, assembly, fabrication, integration, configuration, inspection, testing, commissioning, and delivery of the following:

The OCS site consists of two (2) gas metering skid which has identical meter run size. Each of the gas metering skid consists of 4 x 33% ANSI 900#rtj; ASTM a333 low-temperature piping class. 18” Canalta triple chamber orifice fittings. Each meter run consist of an inlet and outlet dib movs, flow profiler. The system also equipped with an additional new Mercaptane analyzer and a total flow natural gas chromatograph. The system consists of a supervisory flow computer with human-machine interfacing by Smartcen, and replacement of the metering control panel. This is a brownfield project.