Gebeng CityGate

  • Client: Petronas Gas Berhad (PGB)
  • Completed:

The scope of work involves engineering, design, procurement, construction, installation and commissioning of a new complete gas metering skid with 2 x 100% configuration, 600# rating with 12” Inlet Header, 10” Meter Stream and 16” Outlet Header; with carbon steel material. Each runs consist of 10” Flowsic600-XT Gas Ultrasonic Flow Meter, 2 units of Tartarini Regulator (Master & Slave) and Biffi DBB Type 1 and other instrument required to complete the skid. The system consists of a Supervisory Computer with Citect Human Machine Interface, Metering Control Panel complete with; Multistream FloBoss S600+ Flow Computers dedicated for each run (redundant configuration), one (1) unit M340 PLC, one (1) unit AC UPS with one (1) unit inverter DC, printer and all associated accessories to complete the panel. The scope of work is also inclusive of constructing a building (8mx 6m) complete with basic essential building needs 2 streams of Metering skids.