Transwater API Sdn Bhd Natural Gas Technologies


Skids are prefabricated pressure-reducing stations designed to the customer’s specifications, then built to order. Skids reduce overall costs and include components such as filters, slam-shuts, heaters, and meters.

City Gate / Transmission / Distribution Stations

High-pressure transmission pipelines move the gas from the production company’s cleaning plants to gas distribution companies for sale to consumers. Regulators control the high-pressure gas as it moves along the pipeline. At city gate stations and farm taps, regulators reduce the pipeline gas pressure to distribution pressure. To provide a constant, measurable gas pressure, service regulators control the gas pressure before it enters the customer’s residence or building.

Commercial/ Industrial Service

Commercial applications, such as restaurants and office buildings, use natural gas for heating and cooling. For industrial applications, natural gas is used as a feedstock for making chemicals, such as anhydrous ammonia, and as a fuel for boilers and furnaces.

Customized Stations

Emerson Process Management comprehensive customized skid solutions offering is beyond pressure reduction and metering, here are some examples:

  • Filtering Stations
  • Heating Stations
  • Power Plant Stations
  • Fuel Gas Stations
  • Safety Shutoff Stations