Zero Injury during the BPPA Turnaround 2017

WE DID IT AGAIN! We are delightful to share on the recognition given by BP PETRONAS ACETYLS (BPPA) to TRANSWATER for the achievement of Zero Injury during the BPPA Turnaround 2017.

Four (4) of our staffs was involved in this project from 20 July 2017 until 7 August 2017 together with another eight (8) of our sub-contractor staffs. The estimated safe manhours was 2,160.

On behalf of TRANSWATER management and staffs, congratulations to the PPS ECO and PPS HQ team who were involved in the BPPA Turnaround 2017. We hope with this achievement will further boost our commitment to cultivate and embed HSE best practices in all our business activities.