TRANSWATER Named Emerson Representative for Isolation and Pressure Relief Valves in MALAYSIA

Following Emerson’s acquisition of the Valves & Controls business unit of Pentair, Emerson named TRANSWATER as the representative in MALAYSIA for many of their acquired products.

In addition to the well-known Emerson brands that TRANSWATER currently represents, like Fisher, Virgo and Enardo, TRANSWATER now represents Anderson Greenwood Crosby, Sapag, Sampell, Kunkle, Marvac, Whessoe, Varec, Yarway, Cash and Vonk for the Pressure Management Business Unit. Under the Isolation Valves Business Unit, TRANSWATER now represent KTM, Vanessa, K-Ball, Hindle, Richards, Sapag and many more. The addition of these product lines and accompanying services means that TRANSWATER can now sell and service all valves.

TRANSWATER relationship with Emerson as a Business Partner balances local expertise with global leadership. Emerson is a world class-manufacturer of leading and innovative technical solutions. TRANSWATER offers the local, human-powered network of application expertise and resources. With the support from Emerson, TRANSWATER strives to collaborate with customers to solve their toughest challenges.